Learn and Connect

Teachers, we will help you learn how to make your hydroponics farms or school gardens a life-changing experience for your students.

At Green Our Planet’s Annual School Garden Conference, educators and the community gather together for a day of learning, connecting and sharing focused on school gardens and STEM education. Attendees leave the conference armed with the knowledge they need to be ready to take part in this revolutionary movement in education.

5th Annual School Garden Conference April 27 2019 - Green Our Planet


Each year, we bring you new, innovative ideas from empowering speakers in the school garden movement. In years past, we’ve heard from food systems analyst Wayne Roberts, Oregon Farm-to-School pioneer Rick Sherman and Real Food Colorado Director Andrew Novak. Our diverse lineup of presenters will discuss everything from gardening in the extreme conditions of the Mojave Desert to using hydroponics as a STEM teaching tool and to school garden best practices. Many sessions are interactive, giving you the opportunity to share and develop your ideas. The whole idea behind the conferences is the teacher to teacher pollination of ideas!

Wayne Roberts and Rick Sherman, our 2019 School Garden Conference Keynote Speakers


The annual school garden conference brings together educators passionate about using school gardens as a portal for opening their students’ minds to the wonder of the universe. If you arrive with a notebook, you’ll leave with thousands of ideas that might have taken you years to come across on your own. And with plenty of networking opportunities available, you’re sure to make connections with others who are making a difference by teaching their students using indoor or outdoor garden laboratories.

5th Annual School Garden Conference April 27 2019

Teachers from Crestwood Elementary School presented at the 2019 School Garden Conference on how to start a successful school garden club