In 2014, Green Our Planet began organizing an annual school garden conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s purpose is so that educators can share their knowledge (pollinate each other!) of best practices relating to their outdoor garden or indoor hydroponics STEM programs. The following are some of the many talks and seminars held since then, including keynote speakers from across the U.S. and Canada.

Green Our Planet’s Annual

School Garden Conference

School Garden Conference Sessions

The Slow Food Movement
in the United States

By Andrew Novack, School Garden
Increasing Student Achievement
through School Gardens

By Rick Sherman, Farm to School
Green Our Planet’s
STEM Hydroponics Program

By Taylor Quiram,
Hydroponics Expert
Paint, Read, Move and Sing:
Integrating Different Subjects
into Your School Garden

By Ashleigh Cassazza, Educator
at Parson Elementary
Bringing Learning to
Life in the Garden

By John Fisher, Director of Programs
and Partnerships at Life Lab
School Gardens are Impacting Students - Jennifer Pharr (1)
How School Gardens are
Impacting Students, Teachers
and Administrators: A Case Study

By Dr. Jennifer Pharr,
UNLV School of Community Health Sciences
A New Special Needs Garden
Vocational Curriculum for
Middle and High Schools

By Jennifer M. Davis,
Educator at Desert Oasis
High School
Creating a Community with
School Gardens

By Juliana Urtubey,
Special Education Teacher

All About Harvesting
By Rosalie Lavertu, Horticulture Specialist

Green Our Planet’s
Pollinator Garden Program

By Kim MacQuarrie,
Co-CEO of Green Our Planet
How Gardens Impact Students
with Special Needs

By Educators Elizabeth
Poglitsch and Gary Manning

How to Use School Gardens
as a Positive Behavioral Tool

By Educators Melissa Bailey
and Kelly Tanner

Garden Lessons To Do in a Snap!
By Sue Cormier, Teacher Trainer

The School Garden Movement
By Rick Sherman, Farm to School Specialist