Benefits of Hydroponics

Benefits of Hydroponics2022-09-27T13:19:18-07:00

Hydroponic Farming is the Future!

Farmers can have total control over a hydroponic system.

The benefits of hydroponics empower farmers to grow more efficiently and effectively. They are able to manage pH and nutrients to make sure plants are getting the exact nutrients they need. The systems are closed and recycle the water that is not used by plants. The ability to grow indoors allows farmers to control temperatures and lighting schedules to improve plant production. Systems can be designed to make use of vertical space and increase planting density. Hydroponics also allows us to create farms in locations where soil conditions are too poor to support farming or space is limited and a farm otherwise couldn’t exist.

When Compared To Traditional Soil-Grown Crop Production, The Benefits Of Hydroponics Includes:

  • Up to 90% more efficient use of water.
  • Production increases 3 to 10 times in the same amount of space.
  • Many crops can be produced twice as fast in a well-managed hydroponic system.
  • Decreasing the time between harvest and consumption increases the nutritional value of the end product.
  • Indoor farming in a climate-controlled environment means farms can exist in places where weather and soil conditions are not favorable for traditional food production.
  • No chemical weed or pest control products are needed when operating a hydroponic system.

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