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Take your class on an epic journey that starts with Green Our Planet’s Hydroponics School Garden Program. This program inspires students to expand their universe and is now available with this Hydroponics School Garden Grant!

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hydroponics school garden grant awarded to a 5th grade class

The Hydroponics School Garden Program


Green Our Planet’s Accredited K-5 STEM Hydroponic Lessons

Large Hydroponics Unit

1 commercial hydroponics system capable of growing 200 plants at a time

Desk Top Units

19 small hydroponics systems for individual classrooms

Expert Training

Hydroponics workshops and teacher trainings by a Garden Coordinator

Online Community

Live online support and access to a network of inspiration

About The Program

Green Our Planet is America’s largest school garden program and its hydroponics program is an innovative way to incorporate the magic of school gardens and the experiential lessons of STEM. The STEM-Works accredited curriculum takes students on a wonderous journey with hydroponics gardens and nationally recognized standards to inspire future entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers. The program includes this amazing curriculum and 20 state-of-the-art hydroponic units for the entire school. One commercial unit will be delivered capable of growing 200 plants! Green Our Planet experts walk you through the entire process, from seed to harvest. Informative teacher trainings help you implement the lessons and workshops are included to provide you with all the support you’ll need. Green Our Planet has built an organically grown community of like-minded educators waiting to collaborate with you. All to help you make a positive impact on the future generation and the future of the planet.

Hydroponics School Garden Grant Opportunity

Grant Type

Program Grant

Grant Value



Public, Private, Charter and Home Schools


Accepting Applications


United States (Only)

About The Grant

At Green Our Planet, our mission is to empower student achievement with STEM education while imparting lessons on conservation, financial literacy, and nutrition. School gardens are the vehicles that make these amazing adventures possible and this grant is your opportunity to bring this program to your school. This $8,000 school garden grant covers 80% of the program costs and includes 20 hydroponic systems and the only certified STEM garden curriculum in the country. All schools are welcome to apply until all grants have been awarded.

School Garden Grant student upboxing their units

“The pride and excitement our students feel in maintaining the hydroponics lab is so motivating and thrilling as a teacher. It is so easy to share the wonderful outcomes of having a hydroponics lab because the outcomes are so clear.”

Casey Juliano, Nate Mack Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV

“We want to create critical thinkers, problem solvers, skilled collaborators and key contributors to their team and society.”

Kristi Williford, Western Union Elementary School, Waxhaw, NC

“Our goal is to provide our students with a curriculum that explores innovative ways to develop sustainability… We will guide students to explore problems and solutions to improve living standards in our community.”

Alex Tejera, Ullom Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV