We’re excited to announce that Green Our Planet is providing grants to 250 schools and community organizations to help fund Green Our Planet’s Hydroponics STEM Program and Green Our Planet’s GardenConnect STEM program!

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Green Our Planet Garden Grant application. We know that each garden is unique, so if this information does not answer your question, you can email us at

Apply for the Hydroponics Program
Apply for the GardenConnect Program

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Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


Who can apply for a Green Our Planet Grant? 

  • Public elementary, middle and high schools 
  • Charter elementary, middle and high schools
  • Private elementary, middle and high schools 
  • Preschools or early education schools/organizations
  • Libraries
  • STEM centers
  • Community centers

If your organization is not listed here but you’re interested in bringing Green Our Planet to your area, please email to see if you are eligible.

My school or organization is located outside of the US. Can we apply? No, at this time, we can only provide grants to organizations in the United States.

If my school has received funds or a grant from another organization or company for our garden or hydroponics program, are we eligible to apply for this grant? Yes.

If my school already has an outdoor garden, can we still apply for a grant for the GardenConnect Program? Yes.

If my school does not have an outdoor garden yet, can we still apply for a grant for the GardenConnect Program? If your school has space and funds to have a school garden up and running by August 2022, you may apply for this grant. Only schools that will have a garden ready by August 2022 are eligible for this grant.

If my school already has Green Our Planet’s School Garden Program, can we apply for this grant and put it towards administrative fees? No, this grant is for the GardenConnect and Hydroponics Programs only. If your school currently has a sponsor for your Green Our Planet School Garden Program, you are not eligible to use this grant for that program. Instead, we encourage you to apply for the Hydroponics Program grant!

Does required attendance at meetings and workshops and monthly/quarterly reporting apply to the whole staff? We have found that the most successful garden/hydroponics projects are championed by a team of teachers (3-6 is optimal), and so that’s what we recommend for attendance at meetings and workshops.  Whole staff attendance is not necessary. For the purposes of the application, we will be looking first for schools that have a garden team in place made up of teachers, supporting staff and administration.

What is needed for the letter of support? Please provide a letter of support committing support for your garden project, signed by the principal of the applying school where the garden will live, and presented on school/organization letterhead.

How will I know if my application has been submitted? Since this is a Google Form, the application will inform you that your response has been recorded.  Once it’s recorded, it cannot be changed. 

Is there anyone I can contact if I have more questions? Yes:

School Hydroponics Program:

GardenConnect Program: