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Did you know that 97% of teachers would recommend our STEM programming to other teachers? It’s true! Learn why our programs consistently score high ratings by reading and listening to the testimonials below.

Drew Brees, NFL Quarterback

Katie Decker, Former Magnet School Principal

“I know first hand the positive impacts learning outside can have on students from increasing the amount of vegetables they eat to increasing academic performance in science, math, engineering, technology and art.””

Giada De Laurentiis, Celebrity Chef

Kristi Overgaard, Chief Awesomeness Officer, Switch

“I strongly believe in the Green Our Planet mission to engage students and make school fun for them through project-based learning in outdoor and indoor gardens. The overall outcome is engaging students in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) as well as teaching them to eat healthier and connecting them to the planet in a meaningful way. All of these efforts are impacting our students and communities in a positive way which is why Switch has been Green Our Planet’s only Platinum Sponsor for the past three years. The model that Green Our Planet has created works. It is why their organization is growing so fast not only in southern Nevada but across the state and I’m sure, one day soon, across the country.”

John Guedry, President of Bank of Nevada

“We work with many dozens of non-profit and community support groups and I would put Green Our Planet way at the top of that list. While all these groups serve many needs and help our communities, Green Our Planet serves our school students helping them build futures that will change our communities for generations to come. Personally, I find the work we do with them to be some of the most rewarding work I have done in the 45 years I have lived in the state of Nevada.”

Zachary Hillberry, Director of Culinary at Caesars Palace

“Green Our Planet’s Chef to School Program is one of the most impactful programs in our country, and that is why I am a proud member of Green Our Planet’s Board of Directors. These lessons reach over 10,000 students per year and teach the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and inspire students to consider career paths in the nutrition and culinary fields, something near and dear to my heart. Green Our Planet goes above and beyond to provide students and teachers with fun and engaging chef demonstrations as well as the education needed to live a healthy, productive life.”

Eric Killian, Director of University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

Forrest Griffin, UFC Champion

“As an athlete, eating and staying healthy has always been a priority for me, and I know that good nutritional habits start as a child. Green Our Planet offers the children of Las Vegas not only education on healthy nutrition, but they give them the ability to be involved in the whole process from planting the seeds to learning the dishes they can make with the vegetables and fruits from the garden. When students can see things grow and help in the process they will have more of an appreciation for eating healthy. ”

Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Chairwoman of the Clark County Commission

Margaret Allred-Mueller, STEM Teacher at Judy and John L. Goolsby Elementary School

With the help of our professional farmer from Green Our Planet, we have discovered a wealth of vegetables that students had never seen or had the opportunity to taste. For example, many of us had not seen swiss chard or okra before in our homes. These experiences are basic yet vital to our survival. The students need to know and understand where our food comes from and how to successfully grow food in a garden. Our school garden has made an impact on our students and learning at Goolsby Elementary School.

Melissa Bailey, Teacher at Marc Kahre Elementary School

Green Our Planet has been an essential, inspirational addition to our school community. The science curriculum that is provided by Green Our Planet gets teachers the standards based lessons they need to use the garden as an outdoor classroom. Students and teachers benefit from learning science in the hands on, natural setting of the gardens. We love our garden at Marc Kahre Elementary School. This is in large part to the efforts of all of the wonderful employees of Green Our Planet!”

Jackie A Richardson, Former Principal at Crestwood Elementary School

As the principal of Crestwood Elementary School in the Clark County School District (CCSD), I understand how important STEM education is to the future of our students. I also know that our students learn best through experiential, hands-on learning. The culture at our school has benefited from the garden immensely because teachers, students, and parents alike are involved and excited to continue to develop our Garden Programs.”

Brian Kunec, Regional General Manager of KB Home

Green Our Planet offers hands-on learning experiences for students and teachers to learn STEM subjects as well as important life skills. Having over 15 years of experience in construction and being a member of the Southern Nevada Homebuilders Association, I know just how important and impactful it is to be able to learn while being able to see planning, implementation and outcome right in front of you…That’s why I personally help connect Green Our Planet to businesses in the Las Vegas area that are able to help increase the impact in our community: to improve science education and teach necessary life skills such as nutrition, financial literacy and conservation-all by building and installing outdoor garden classrooms or hydroponic systems.”

Miriam Benitez, Principal at John S Park Elementary School

The garden has had an enormous, positive impact at our school. By getting our students out of their seats and into an engaging environment, our students have benefited from being able to use all their senses in order to make connections and lasting learning experiences. The excitement and joy that having an outdoor class such as this garden is an important element to moving our students towards being engaged in learning.”

Juliana Urtubey, Intermediate Resource Teacher at Crestwood Elementary

Today, during Garden Gnomies (our garden club), the students had $100 to spend as they democratically chose among 3 conservation foundations (Protecting hummingbirds, bees, and monarch butterflies). They split up into groups. Each group presented a proposal of how to spend the profits of their Farmers’ Markets. The winning proposal was to give each foundation $30 and spend $10 on a hummingbird feeder. They did this because as we were meeting, they saw a hummingbird zip past the garden and wondered why it didn’t stay in our garden. They realized it was because we were missing flowers for the hummingbirds to eat from. The students’ solution was to put up a feeder.

Everyday, the students surprise me and fill me up with hope. I know for a fact, Crestwood couldn’t do this without you! Students and families are realizing their power while working in the garden. Our school culture is benefiting tremendously.”

Melonie Poster, Principal at Dondero Elementary School

Our students are trying new fruits and vegetables during lunch break because of the different kinds of fruits and vegetables the students grow in the Green Our Planet school garden.”

Vanessa Galvan, Teacher at Robert E Lake Elementary School

It is exciting to see how much our garden has expanded and grown in just a few years. They enjoy reading, doing their assignments and making observations in the garden. Our outdoor classroom has really taken shape and we continue to expand. Green Our Planet has been instrumental in the successes of the garden. We cannot thank GoP enough. As a teacher, I believe it is very important to provide our students positive and meaningful experiences inside and outside the classroom. The garden does just that with the lessons in the gardens, farmers markets, chef demonstrations, expansions and so on. Without the support from Green Our Planet, we could not make our garden program work.