Are you the kind of teacher who wants to create a garden program at your school or who may have physical gardens, but needs help with establishing a comprehensive school garden program? Then Green Our Planet has the perfect solution for you!

Create a Garden Program Anywhere

Our GardenConnect Program helps schools across the United States create a comprehensive school garden program that will connect students to nature and serve as an outdoor laboratory for all kinds of in-depth studies.

Outdoor gardens are one of the best tools available for teaching students experiential STEM, nutrition, and conservation and are a great resource to get students engaged.

By assigning an experienced Green Our Planet coordinator to your school for monthly meetings, we are able to share nearly a decade of experience in how to build and maintain a garden, utilize garden-based curricula, create student-run farmers markets, and how to form the next generation of scientists, chefs, and entrepreneurs.

In short, we can help you maximize all of the many benefits that can come from establishing a great garden program at your school.

Our GardenConnect Services Include:

Assisting your school to figure out how to build or purchase an outdoor garden system if one does not already exist.

Assigning a Green Our Planet Coordinator to your school who will help you launch your School Garden STEM Program and who will meet with your garden team monthly for one school year via Zoom, Google Hangout, or another online service.

Assigning a Green Our Planet farmer consultant to help you get your garden off to a good start.

Providing your school with a PreK-5, garden-based STEM curriculum aligned to Next Generation Science Standards.

Providing you with on-line teacher trainings.

In general, teaching your school how to extract the maximum benefit from your School Garden STEM Program while helping to make the garden program sustainable.