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Do you know how many students test poorly in science, are stuck inside their classrooms all day, have no idea where their food comes from, and are disconnected from both nature and school?

We help solve some of these problems by installing turnkey outdoor school gardens to use as living laboratories, which help inspire students to become the next generation of scientists, farmers, chefs, and entrepreneurs.

Growing a school garden can be fun and enriching for both students and teachers. Gardens create an explosion of ideas and life in the classroom, the schools, and in the local community.

Our programs are now the largest of their kind in the country, while 97% of the teachers who use our programs recommend them to other schools.

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Inspiring Nationwide Growth

We work with schools from Alaska to Florida because we are able to deliver our programming online. We are also proud to run the only school garden programs accredited by STEMworks in the United States.

GardenConnect (National Program)

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Las Vegas Program

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Why Should Schools Have Gardens?

In 2015, Nevada’s first school garden impact survey was conducted by the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and showed the positive impacts school gardens had for students and educators throughout Clark County School District.


Of educators reported that school gardens improve nutrition knowledge.


Of educators reported that school gardens are a powerful teaching tool.


Of educators reported that school gardens increase community engagement.

The results mirrored a comprehensive review of 20 years of literature on school garden programs nationally in which 93% of the studies reported improved student performance in science, 80 percent saw improvement in math and 72 percent noted improvement in language arts (Williams and Scott Dixon, 2013).

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Garden: Features, Designs & Builds

From the initial idea to a 3d or CAD rendering all the way to the actual garden build, Green Our Planet helps schools create raised bed garden systems following our flexible school garden designs.

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How We Support Teachers

From helping schools acquire the infrastructure of outdoor school gardens or indoor hydroponic systems to supplying teachers with standards-aligned curricula and teacher trainings, we help empower educators to deliver experiential STEM, nutrition and conservation education that their students will never forget.

Teacher Trainings
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Training and Workshops

We give the gift of knowledge, knowhow, tools and a helping hand every chance we get through various training and workshops for educators to learn how to maintain their school garden and hydroponics systems.

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Sponsor a Garden

Green Our Planet’s generous sponsors like the Andre Agassi Foundation and partners like the Obama Foundation help make school gardens a reality for students around the United States.

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Where We Grow

Green Our Planet outdoor school garden and hydroponics programs in the U.S.

Green Our Planet’s STEM Outdoor School Garden Program

Green Our Planet’s STEM School Hydroponics Program