From the initial idea to a 3d or CAD rendering all the way to the actual garden build, Green Our Planet is there to help!

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Outdoor Classroom Garden Curriculum

Green Our Planet’s in-house talent includes landscape designers capable of designing everything from a standard, 6-bed school garden to the most complex of garden layouts. As a C-10 Licensed Contractor-Landscaper organization (license #0084705), our in-house garden builders—who have more than three decades of experience in landscape building—go to work once the design is complete.

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Outdoor Classroom Garden Design And Build

Flexible Design

Most schools typically opt for an initial garden of six 8’x 4’ raised brick beds complete with organic soil, automatic drip irrigation and a complement of 8-10 fruit trees. We have found that brick lasts far longer than wood and is moved more easily than cement beds, which cannot be moved once they are installed. Since schools are always evolving and adding new classrooms or structures, having flexibility built into your garden design is an advantage.

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Garden model

Additional Features

For builds that include grass removal, we always put down a layer of weed barrier before adding a layer of decomposed gravel. In conjunction with the decomposed gravel, the weed barrier helps prevent the grass from returning. For all of our garden builds, we install a hose faucet adjacent to the garden, which allows a hose to be connected close to the garden instead of running hundreds of feet from the nearby school. Garden beds and fruit trees are always connected to separate valves so the watering times can be operated independently.

All gardens come complete with a one-year warranty on fruit trees, parts and labor. We work closely with each school’s teachers and principals, Operations Manager and Irrigation Tech so that the garden is optimally located in terms of proximity to classrooms, future use, sunshine and more.

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images of a garden model
images of a garden model

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