Home Gardening Reinvented

Do what you can, with what you have and do it now!”

–George Washington Carver (American agricultural scientist and inventor)

If you’re interested in growing your own food at home, you’re not the only one! Since the 2020 pandemic hit, there has been a surge of people around the world taking up home gardening. With supply chain failures and food security concerns in the wake of climate change, gardening has moved beyond just a hobby to pass the time. Growing your own food is an acquired skill that can help you be more self-reliant, sustainable, and help you save money you’d normally spend on produce. Moreover, gardening fosters an interest in and a connection to nature, which comes with a host of benefits for you and the planet.

The problem is, many people live in city apartments without yards, in places with harsh winters, or places where an outdoor garden just isn’t feasible. This is where hydroponics comes into play! Hydroponic gardens grow plants and food  without soil – they can be used indoors, year-round, and in any type of climate. Plus, there are all kinds of advantages to growing your food hydroponically, such as growing vertically (with one layer of plants growing above another, sometimes up to the ceiling!), so that you take up less floor space. Check out our Library Hydroponics Program page to learn the benefits of hydroponics.

Hydroponics and outdoor gardening may seem intimidating, but they’re actually much easier to learn than traditional gardening, which has so many other factors to contend with (weather, insects, irrigation problems, etc). In fact, in our school hydroponics program we have elementary school students building hydroponic systems at their schools! Below you’ll find resources with all the information and tutorials you need to get you started growing your own food hydroponically.

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