The Wonder of the Universe Starts with a Seed

Green Our Planet teaches students to love and care for our planet through comprehensive STEM school garden and hydroponics programs throughout the United States. We use gardens as a portal for understanding both life on Earth and our place in the universe.

Our Story

Sparking Curiosity

We help install turnkey outdoor garden and indoor hydroponic systems at schools so that they can be used as living laboratories, which help inspire students to become the next generation of scientists, farmers, chefs, and entrepreneurs.


What We Do

Whether it’s the seeds in gardens or the seeds of knowledge in young minds, Green Our Planet inspires growth. We open students’ minds to the wonders of the universe–from the soil to the stars–in everything we do.

Our Impact

Since installing our first school garden in 2013, we’ve expanded our programs nationwide–from Alaska to Florida and from metropolitan cities and the smallest of rural towns. Our garden programs allow teachers to engage students experientially, which is the most powerful form of education there is.

277 Outdoor & Hydro Gardens Installed

3,500+ Teachers Using Our STEM Curricula

200+ Student Farmer’s Markets Each Year

Our Programs

In an era of disconnection from our natural world, we use garden-based education to allow students to directly connect with the living world around us. Our programs establish STEM laboratories within and outside of schools so that teachers can integrate experiential education directly into their classrooms, so students learn first hand just how magical the world is that science has revealed to us.

School Gardens

Running the only STEMworks-accredited school garden program in the United States, Green Our Planet helps teachers create comprehensive school garden programs that can transform their students’ lives.

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Not all climates are suited for outdoor gardening, so we created the only STEMworks-approved hydroponics program in the U.S. Students can now learn how to use the same hydroponic systems NASA plans to use for its colonies on Mars!

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Virtual Academy

Students of all ages can learn directly from our experts about STEM, nutrition, gardening, and hydroponics with Green Our Planet’s engaging, curriculum-based video lessons.

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Where We Grow

Green Our Planet outdoor school garden and hydroponics programs in the U.S.

Green Our Planet’s STEM Outdoor School Garden Program

Green Our Planet’s STEM School Hydroponics Program

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Green Our Planet and support school gardens! Organizations and individuals alike are welcome to get involved via volunteering, donations, sponsorships, and more.

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